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Hello! My name is Lesa and I would like to welcome you to:

A Zen Dog Spa. 


I offer mobile dog and cat grooming from my home base in Yucaipa by appointment only.

A Zen Dog Spa now serves all of Yucaipa, Redlands, Beaumont, Loma Linda, Highland and some surrounding cities. 

Please do not be angry with me if I cannot groom your dog due to any issue: Distance, Temperment, booked out, etc.  There are no other employee's I will be washing and grooming your dog/cat by myself from start to finish and there are only so many hours in a day.  I limit how many dogs or cats I do in a day as to give the appropriate amount of time that each groom should be given (usually 2 hours or more per dog/groom) and including travel time.  

I know you have to put your trust in me to make sure your pet receives the one on one unique attention they deserve.  I can spend that extra time making the bath a good thing by massaging tired feet or sore backs as I have no quota to fill.  I take my cues from your pet from start to finish.  You will hear "good dog" coming from the van as I feel praise is always better than judgement.

I only use California based all natural products.   I love the yummy smell of Orange Peel, Mango, Lavender & Cherry to name a few.  The shampoos and conditions I use are chemical free, P-H Balanced, Non-Toxic, 100% Natural, entirely biodegradable, Phosphate and Paraben-free,  enzyme-free and most importantly Cruelty Free!  Every groom comes with a complete warm bath, a towel dry and blow out, ear cleaning, sanitary cut, eye area trim and nail trim.  Add a beautifying full haircut or mat/tangle strip and you have a calm, clean happy "Zen" dog or cat.  Extra services like hot oil treatment, teeth brushing or deshedding will be quoted directly.  It is the quality of the experience for the pet that sets A Zen Dog Spa apart.

Unlike a large corporate owned salon you get all the Certifed Pet Stylist skill and training, plus the committement too make your dog or cat, look and feel special with a unique Spa experience.  Its all about your dog feeling pretty and loved at the end of it all.

I want to have a peaceful, enjoyable and organic day so if your dog or cat has been deamed "agressive" by multiple groomers or is over 10 years old in bad health, please contact your nearest vet who offers grooming.  I am not a veterinarian, dog therapist or dog trainer.   That doesn't mean I am not willing to work with your rescued dog who's frightened and older active dogs that are very mobile are welcome.

Prices quoted on the phone are estimated prices.  

My base/starting rate if dogs are groomed in Yucaipa area/Homebase:

~small breeds baths and haircuts start at $50 (chihuahuas are less)

~Medium dog baths and haircuts start at $60

At this time, I am not taking any new client large dogs.


Contact us today at AZenDogSpa@yahoo.com or call (909) 269-9056 and leave a detailed message (I will NOT pick up the phone during daytime hours, when I am grooming, due to safety concerns.) I will call you back at the end of the day or as soon as possible.





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